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There are times in our outer and inner worlds when we experience tumultuous change and uncertainty. These moments seem to be escalating in frequency and intensity. Managing and responding calmly to challenging times —in our relationships, workplaces, the environment, globally and even in our own state of mind—is a vital skill for everyday living. Stay within the eye of the storm and navigate yourself to calmness.

JUDY RODGERS was working in media and communications when she turned her attention to a study of consciousness and meditation over 20 years ago. Her interest in raja yoga meditation led to an extended study of consciousness and applied spirituality: how the quality of our awareness affects our thoughts, vision and experience of the world.
Judy is the Founder/ President of Images and Voices of Hope. It is convened by three partners: the Institute for Advanced Appreciative Inquiry, the Visions of a Better World Foundation, and the Brahma Kumaris.

Judy has worked in media companies (CBS/ Fox Video, New World Entertainment, Video Publishing House), translating the ideas of authors and thought leaders to film. She divides her time between her work as a consultant and communication strategist and her commitment to raja yoga meditation practice. She lives in a retreat centre in the Catskills Mountains, north of New York City.