Auchenflower Sanctuary

Unwind and recharge before the week kicks off again.

Sometimes inner-city life can become too much. The noise, the pace – we just need some time out. Auchenflower Sanctuary is a comfortable and calm space; a safe space that seems so far removed from its bustling central location.

Join us this Sunday from 5:30pm for two hours of complete peace. Recharge your batteries in the quiet of our tastefully lit environment and clear your mind in preparation for the week ahead. While there will be no meditation instruction during this session, we may play some gentle music and the occasional meditation commentary.

Feel free to join us for tea or coffee after the session, or join us again during the week. The Auchenflower Sanctuary is open every weekday evening from 7:00pm – 7:30pm. If you require more information, call or text Phillip on 0412 772 990.