Knowledge, truth, is like a light which enables me to navigate peacefully and harmoniously through life. When I have accurate knowledge of myself, when I know myself as I truly am, then I can maintain my own self respect and assist others to find theirs.

The Amazing Secret Power of Virtues

“Virtue is the beauty of a person. It is what makes them lovely and unusual. It is [the] colour, form and shape of their personality. It is the way they do things; the way they move, speak and dress. They may have no money, but if a person has virtues, they will always seem rich, for everything that is close to them will be filled with quality.” – Inner Beauty, Anthea Church

Today, a lot of worth is placed on values, ethics, and morals. These human-made judgements are often forced upon one group of people by another in order to explain why they behave in a certain way. But what if we could shake this way of viewing each other? What if we could see the more pure, inherent qualities that we all possess?

Virtues allow us to do this. By activating these powerful qualities, we become able to transform any negative situation into a positive one. Suddenly we are more in-tune to the world around us, and to the capabilities of our selves. Being virtuous guarantees a life of peace and happiness—now that’s a secret power we can all appreciate!

Learn how to unlock the secret powers of virtues in our Alphabet Series Workshop (by Judy Johnson and Debbie Castle). Express the energy of your soul and become literate in the virtues of others. Each session in the series will examine new elements of the “virtues vocabulary”—we invite you to join us for one, or all sessions in our 26 week workshop. The path of your virtuous journey is completely up to you!

The workshop runs every Wednesday from 7:30pm – 8:45pm. A meditation session precedes each class, starting at 7:00pm—all are welcome to attend. When you arrive please leave your shoes at the door, enter quietly, and find a seat in the mediation space on your right. There is a water cooler in the space and the bathroom is at the end of the hall, through the door and to the left.

If you’re ready to learn what true peace and happiness is, come along this Wednesday. There’s no better time than the present to start reaping the rewards of acting from your core as a natural, virtuous being.

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