I didn't  discover virtues until I was quite mature. I heard them mentioned but had never paid the subject much attention. Then one day it struck me. Virtues are the greatest treasure on Earth. Having virtues guarantees a happy life. Being virtuous means to me, the ability to respond to circumstances in a way that their is benefit for the self and everyone else. Nature is included in that. 

I came to learn through experience over time, that virtues are inherent in each one of us but situations often prevent them emerging in a practical way. Often my emotions override my virtues and I behave in a way that is destructive to myself and others.

My meditation practise, spiritual knowledge and knowledge of the self allows me to be dispassionate,  unaffected by strong emotions such that I do not go against my inner wisdom, my sense of knowing, my conscience and do something that is harmful in the short or long term.

Ubuntu means 'if it's not good for all, it's not good'. I need to interact with the world keeping this saying in my mind. I need to be spiritually powerful as well as peaceful. If I can 'stand back' from situations it enables me to make the right decision. My virtues enable me to be detached and loving and of value to all.