When I have attained what I want through my meditation practise I can stop meditating. Meditation is a means to an end. 'The End' is self realisation. Self-realisation means realising that the essence of the self (and I believe every human being) is peace and happiness. So when I realise this it becomes relatively easy to experience constant peace and happiness no matter what is happening within and without. Actually, when I have obtained self-realisation the 'within' will be very calm and peaceful and so my outside world will appear to be the same. As are our thoughts so is our world.

And that's the point really. Just contemplate that phrase again. 'As are your thoughts, so is your world'. The one thing you have absolute control over is your thinking. Or you should have! It's your mind and they are your thoughts so you should be able to think what you want, when you want and for as long as you want. You should be able to. Meditation enables you to do this. It takes time to do this but it's time well spent. When you think lovely thoughts you feel lovely. When you think peaceful thoughts you feel peaceful. So whatever you think you will feel. So it makes sense to learn how to manage your thinking.

Your intellect should be in charge of your mind. Your intellect one of your faculties along with your conscious and subconscious minds. All these faculties belong to you and you alone so you should be the master of them. This is what meditation will enable to happen. 

So the focus of my Soul Conscious Meditation is my pure and perfect peaceful self. Meditation is an active process and I want to be alert whilst I practise. I sit quietly and begin contemplating my original qualities, accepting that this is who and what I am. Thinking this way makes me feel this way. It's a simple process really. Very simple. It's just that I have probably allowed my intellect to become weak and hardly function correctly at all. The role of my intellect is to discriminate between my thoughts, judge whether they are of benefit or not and decide whether to bring my thoughts into words and/or action.

However, if my intellect is weak it will allow my thoughts to flow whether they are of benefit or not. If I focus on a thought or accept it, I will feel the thought to be the truth. So I need to pay attention to what I think.