I attend a conversation concerning 'reality', every morning. This morning the group was discussing the different ways in which our minds function. I was commenting on mine (the one I know best of all) and how I tend to visualise the future more than focus on the present. I have a tendency when I'm driving, to focus 200 metres or so down the road so as I'm well prepared for traffic lights, incidents etc. I'm watching what is happening directly in front of me in the periphery of my vision, but my main attention is well ahead of me.

I do the same with life, I've discovered. It seems I'm an idealist, a visionary, so my vision is in the future. I find I just have to focus there (the future) and I'm 'pulled', transported, towards it. In this instance I envision a very bright future for the planet and its inhabitants and I work at (effortlessly) maintaining that picture in my mind. That keeps the day to day present bright and cheery and my days are filled with enthusiasm, peace and happiness.

I 'see' myself in my most pure and powerful form and this contributes to the happiness of the now. I am a glass half full person to be sure, I think there's benefit in everything. Call me dreamer, naive, but I would say 

I've reorganized my life so as I pursue only the activities I find valuable and that means life affirming. I 'should' have done it years ago but of course I wasn't who I am now, back then and I didn't know what I now know. But now I can see how pointless and worthless certain activities are I'm not going to continue doing them. 

Meditation has cleared my mind and made judging and deciding relatively easy.