I live a yogi life. I awaken gradually each morning by 3:50am, clear any dust from my mind and sit in meditation. My meditation varies according to where I'm at, at the time. I'm refocusing on focussing at the moment, practising on sending feelings of hope to the cosmos. I'm trying to bring harmony back to the planets of our solar system. There is a theory that once, within human recorded history, the planets orbited the sun in a different configuration than at the present time. Disharmony and separateness began as a result of disharmony and separateness in human beings. This is an experiential exercise not an intellectual one. Am I making a difference? I think so.

5:30am finds me meditating again for 30 minutes in order to steady and clear my mind in order to listen beneficially to a discourse on a worldview that allows me to 'hang' so many of my life's experiences on and make sense of the world. I need that. It's a great foundation for the rest of the day. It keeps me powerful and stable and I like that enormously. It means my life runs smoothly and I can face any challenge and come through it still peaceful and happy. I've been doing this discipline for years and have proved to myself that it works for me.

I do a lot of writing theses days. I have the time and I believe there is great benefit in it for me as well as others. The stability I gain by knowing myself, on a deeper level, which writing helps me do, I can gift to a world which is anything but stable. If I become worried and fearful due to any circumstances then I just add to the vibes of peacelessness. 

Meditation gives me the strength to achieve the freedom I always sought. It's a life giving herb which strengthens my intellect and allows me to create and sustain thoughts and feelings, vision and attitude which are powerful and beneficial.

I have learnt to meditate with my eyes open. This means I can 'do it' at anytime and anywhere when my mind is free. I have a lot of free mind time and I could fill that space with weak or mundane thoughts but I direct my mind at that time to meditating on something that will benefit the world. So when I walk to this cafe I practise. When I'm sat on the bus, I practise. When I'm cooking and washing up, I practise. I practise when I'm 'on the loo', showering, waiting at light. Little moments of focussed, directed thought. Getting stronger by taking baby steps and using my resources (my mind and intellect) wisely.

Meditation isn't just a sitting exercise. Meditating in the way described above is so much more interesting for me and because of that, I like to do it. It's fun as well as being useful. Learning to meditate with eyes open makes a lot of sense to me.

Thanks to Anne Marie Bone for the image 'Daydreaming'