I have spent most of this life, since the age of 15 when I first read a book my elder brother tossed at me, saying. "read this", exploring my inner world. The book was called 'Psycho-Pictography' by Vernon Howard. I sat up through the night reading it with a sense of excitement and exploration. That book spoke to me in a way nothing had before and thus began my journey of self discovery which has continued to this day. That's why I put this website together and why I am a volunteer in a meditation centre. In fact I live in a meditation centre, that's how much I enjoy this kind of journeying.

I realised, all those years ago, that my world and yours too, is a result of what I am thinking, my thoughts, my beliefs and attitudes. If I can manage my thoughts (and therefore my feelings) I can manage my world. I can create the type of experience I have on this apparently short and surprising journey called life. If I can manage my thoughts my life is in my hands. That's a powerful and desirable outcome for me. It says freedom, creativity, peace and happiness to me and that's what I want in my life. I'm certain about that.

I understand we are all different, that we seek and want different things. I also know that we have many similarities. So I've put this website together based on what I like and enjoy, what I sought and what I seek. I hope you'll explore it and some of the concepts written here and then have the inquisitiveness to come along to the Brisbane Meditation Centre in Auchenflower and find out more. The centre is a very peaceful and safe place and you'll meet very lovely people there. Om Shanti (I am a peaceful soul or spirit)

Thanks to Lax Rhetorica for the image.