Hello and welcome to this website.

Unlike what former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser famously said, life is meant to be easy. I believe we have come here to this beautiful planet in order to have a very good time.  Being in harmonious relationship with other human beings, with the animal kingdom and the flora on this Earth has the potential to be a most enjoyable experience, all the time.

Sometimes, however, relationships with others can sour and become awkward or downright unpleasant and sorrowful. This is generally due to not having enough love for myself because I don't really know myself, I don't think it has to be this way. I believe that it's a way of thinking based on an incorrect paradigm or worldview, that causes peacelessness and disharmony. If I am able to manage my mind (both conscious and subconscious) and therefore my feelings and emotions (not suppress them) then I am in a very good position to be able to remain happy and peaceful no matter what is happening outside and inside myself.

Sounds idealistic? Perhaps. Too good to be true? Maybe. However, that's not my experience since meditating regularly and looking beyond the obvious into the unseen. Sound mystical? Maybe mysterious? Everyone loves a good mystery, don't they. In fact I think mysteries are one of the things that add to the enjoyment of life.Si I encourage you, now that you've got this far, to explore a little deeper, if you haven't already, into the mysteries of yourself and the universe. I think you're going to like what you find, though you may be surprised  at how strange and yet simple life can be.

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