I'm finding it increasingly difficult to become worried about anything, as I 'get older'. Should I be concerned? Not likely! 

I officially retired from work in March 2015 after working in the construction industry since I was 15. I was married, have 2 lovely grown children and find plenty to do each day to enrich my life and hopefully the lives of some others. I enjoyed working. I was a carpenter and I also had a small skylight company for many years. 

Looking back on my life so far, the one thing that stands out for me (and remember this is just my experience I am sharing) was the pace of the life that I lived and how unnecessary it was to have moved at the speed I did. I didn't rush around that much, I wasn't a workaholic, not even slightly, but a day's work often left me tired and ready to put my feet up and 'veg out'. Life was ruled by the clock and appointments with people, answering the phone and organising things. Nothing unusual there. I probably did less than most folks. I'm not complaining, just looking back with hindsight.

Now I'm retired my time is very much my own and I love it! I do the things I love (cook, converse with people, write and teach) all at the speed that I want to do it at and no one interferes or tries to change me. What I'm realising is that I could have lived like this, in this way, relaxed and unhurried, for all my life if I knew what I now know. Rushing is a cancer on our societies and communities, our creativity. Where am I going with this, I thought I heard you ask?

Now I have created a stillness through age, silence and spiritual power my life is mine to live as I want. I am the director of circumstance and not the victim. Now my mind and and the thoughts and feelings it produces, is under my guidance and doesn't become affected by fear, worry, hatred, anger etc my life is sweet. I got caught in the fear trap during my life but now I feel free of that. Meditation creates room to manoeuvre around the superficial, the fear mongering and I become a self sovereign and ruler of my destiny.