Treasures beyond price

Treasures beyond price

I didn't  discover virtues until I was quite mature. I heard them mentioned but had never paid the subject much attention. Then one day it struck me. Virtues are the greatest treasure on Earth. Having virtues guarantees a happy life. Being virtuous means to me, the ability to respond to circumstances in a way that their is benefit for the self and everyone else. Nature is included in that. 

I came to learn through experience over time, that virtues are inherent in each one of us but situations often prevent them emerging in a practical way. Often my emotions override my virtues and I behave in a way that is destructive to myself and others.

My meditation practise, spiritual knowledge and knowledge of the self allows me to be dispassionate,  unaffected by strong emotions such that I do not go against my inner wisdom, my sense of knowing, my conscience and do something that is harmful in the short or long term.

Ubuntu means 'if it's not good for all, it's not good'. I need to interact with the world keeping this saying in my mind. I need to be spiritually powerful as well as peaceful. If I can 'stand back' from situations it enables me to make the right decision. My virtues enable me to be detached and loving and of value to all.

A Yogi's Life (revisited)

A Yogi's Life (revisited)

A yogi is someone who practices yoga. Yoga means union, but union with what or who? When I think of a loved one it brings a smile to my face and I feel good inside. If that someone leaves me or becomes ill then thinking about them or having mental 'union' with them causes me sorrow. Human beings and situations always change so what brings delight at one moment can bring pain the next.

Brahma Kumaris meditation focuses on, or has union with a 'something' that doesn't change and that something is God. God is eternally lovefull, peaceful and blissful (in spite what you may have heard to the contrary), so thinking about God, having union with God in my mind brings peace and love to myself. God never changes. Everything else in this world does. God isn't of this world though He/She does visit it on occasions when we need help.

I used to think that God was unknowable but I was wrong. Using the concentrated power of my mind, learnt through meditation, I can connect, have union with God whenever and wherever I want.


Another day in paradise

Another day in paradise

I attend a conversation concerning 'reality', every morning. This morning the group was discussing the different ways in which our minds function. I was commenting on mine (the one I know best of all) and how I tend to visualise the future more than focus on the present. I have a tendency when I'm driving, to focus 200 metres or so down the road so as I'm well prepared for traffic lights, incidents etc. I'm watching what is happening directly in front of me in the periphery of my vision, but my main attention is well ahead of me.

I do the same with life, I've discovered. It seems I'm an idealist, a visionary, so my vision is in the future. I find I just have to focus there (the future) and I'm 'pulled', transported, towards it. In this instance I envision a very bright future for the planet and its inhabitants and I work at (effortlessly) maintaining that picture in my mind. That keeps the day to day present bright and cheery and my days are filled with enthusiasm, peace and happiness.

I 'see' myself in my most pure and powerful form and this contributes to the happiness of the now. I am a glass half full person to be sure, I think there's benefit in everything. Call me dreamer, naive, but I would say 

I've reorganized my life so as I pursue only the activities I find valuable and that means life affirming. I 'should' have done it years ago but of course I wasn't who I am now, back then and I didn't know what I now know. But now I can see how pointless and worthless certain activities are I'm not going to continue doing them. 

Meditation has cleared my mind and made judging and deciding relatively easy. 

Meditation is a means to an end

Meditation is a means to an end

When I have attained what I want through my meditation practise I can stop meditating. Meditation is a means to an end. 'The End' is self realisation. Self-realisation means realising that the essence of the self (and I believe every human being) is peace and happiness. So when I realise this it becomes relatively easy to experience constant peace and happiness no matter what is happening within and without. Actually, when I have obtained self-realisation the 'within' will be very calm and peaceful and so my outside world will appear to be the same. As are our thoughts so is our world.

And that's the point really. Just contemplate that phrase again. 'As are your thoughts, so is your world'. The one thing you have absolute control over is your thinking. Or you should have! It's your mind and they are your thoughts so you should be able to think what you want, when you want and for as long as you want. You should be able to. Meditation enables you to do this. It takes time to do this but it's time well spent. When you think lovely thoughts you feel lovely. When you think peaceful thoughts you feel peaceful. So whatever you think you will feel. So it makes sense to learn how to manage your thinking.

Your intellect should be in charge of your mind. Your intellect one of your faculties along with your conscious and subconscious minds. All these faculties belong to you and you alone so you should be the master of them. This is what meditation will enable to happen. 

So the focus of my Soul Conscious Meditation is my pure and perfect peaceful self. Meditation is an active process and I want to be alert whilst I practise. I sit quietly and begin contemplating my original qualities, accepting that this is who and what I am. Thinking this way makes me feel this way. It's a simple process really. Very simple. It's just that I have probably allowed my intellect to become weak and hardly function correctly at all. The role of my intellect is to discriminate between my thoughts, judge whether they are of benefit or not and decide whether to bring my thoughts into words and/or action.

However, if my intellect is weak it will allow my thoughts to flow whether they are of benefit or not. If I focus on a thought or accept it, I will feel the thought to be the truth. So I need to pay attention to what I think. 

A yogi life.

A yogi life.

I live a yogi life. I awaken gradually each morning by 3:50am, clear any dust from my mind and sit in meditation. My meditation varies according to where I'm at, at the time. I'm refocusing on focussing at the moment, practising on sending feelings of hope to the cosmos. I'm trying to bring harmony back to the planets of our solar system. There is a theory that once, within human recorded history, the planets orbited the sun in a different configuration than at the present time. Disharmony and separateness began as a result of disharmony and separateness in human beings. This is an experiential exercise not an intellectual one. Am I making a difference? I think so.

5:30am finds me meditating again for 30 minutes in order to steady and clear my mind in order to listen beneficially to a discourse on a worldview that allows me to 'hang' so many of my life's experiences on and make sense of the world. I need that. It's a great foundation for the rest of the day. It keeps me powerful and stable and I like that enormously. It means my life runs smoothly and I can face any challenge and come through it still peaceful and happy. I've been doing this discipline for years and have proved to myself that it works for me.

I do a lot of writing theses days. I have the time and I believe there is great benefit in it for me as well as others. The stability I gain by knowing myself, on a deeper level, which writing helps me do, I can gift to a world which is anything but stable. If I become worried and fearful due to any circumstances then I just add to the vibes of peacelessness. 

Meditation gives me the strength to achieve the freedom I always sought. It's a life giving herb which strengthens my intellect and allows me to create and sustain thoughts and feelings, vision and attitude which are powerful and beneficial.

I have learnt to meditate with my eyes open. This means I can 'do it' at anytime and anywhere when my mind is free. I have a lot of free mind time and I could fill that space with weak or mundane thoughts but I direct my mind at that time to meditating on something that will benefit the world. So when I walk to this cafe I practise. When I'm sat on the bus, I practise. When I'm cooking and washing up, I practise. I practise when I'm 'on the loo', showering, waiting at light. Little moments of focussed, directed thought. Getting stronger by taking baby steps and using my resources (my mind and intellect) wisely.

Meditation isn't just a sitting exercise. Meditating in the way described above is so much more interesting for me and because of that, I like to do it. It's fun as well as being useful. Learning to meditate with eyes open makes a lot of sense to me.

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Time to create beautiful thought

Time to create beautiful thought

I'm finding it increasingly difficult to become worried about anything, as I 'get older'. Should I be concerned? Not likely! 

I officially retired from work in March 2015 after working in the construction industry since I was 15. I was married, have 2 lovely grown children and find plenty to do each day to enrich my life and hopefully the lives of some others. I enjoyed working. I was a carpenter and I also had a small skylight company for many years. 

Looking back on my life so far, the one thing that stands out for me (and remember this is just my experience I am sharing) was the pace of the life that I lived and how unnecessary it was to have moved at the speed I did. I didn't rush around that much, I wasn't a workaholic, not even slightly, but a day's work often left me tired and ready to put my feet up and 'veg out'. Life was ruled by the clock and appointments with people, answering the phone and organising things. Nothing unusual there. I probably did less than most folks. I'm not complaining, just looking back with hindsight.

Now I'm retired my time is very much my own and I love it! I do the things I love (cook, converse with people, write and teach) all at the speed that I want to do it at and no one interferes or tries to change me. What I'm realising is that I could have lived like this, in this way, relaxed and unhurried, for all my life if I knew what I now know. Rushing is a cancer on our societies and communities, our creativity. Where am I going with this, I thought I heard you ask?

Now I have created a stillness through age, silence and spiritual power my life is mine to live as I want. I am the director of circumstance and not the victim. Now my mind and and the thoughts and feelings it produces, is under my guidance and doesn't become affected by fear, worry, hatred, anger etc my life is sweet. I got caught in the fear trap during my life but now I feel free of that. Meditation creates room to manoeuvre around the superficial, the fear mongering and I become a self sovereign and ruler of my destiny.  



Hello and welcome to this website.

Unlike what former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser famously said, life is meant to be easy. I believe we have come here to this beautiful planet in order to have a very good time.  Being in harmonious relationship with other human beings, with the animal kingdom and the flora on this Earth has the potential to be a most enjoyable experience, all the time.

Sometimes, however, relationships with others can sour and become awkward or downright unpleasant and sorrowful. This is generally due to not having enough love for myself because I don't really know myself, I don't think it has to be this way. I believe that it's a way of thinking based on an incorrect paradigm or worldview, that causes peacelessness and disharmony. If I am able to manage my mind (both conscious and subconscious) and therefore my feelings and emotions (not suppress them) then I am in a very good position to be able to remain happy and peaceful no matter what is happening outside and inside myself.

Sounds idealistic? Perhaps. Too good to be true? Maybe. However, that's not my experience since meditating regularly and looking beyond the obvious into the unseen. Sound mystical? Maybe mysterious? Everyone loves a good mystery, don't they. In fact I think mysteries are one of the things that add to the enjoyment of life.Si I encourage you, now that you've got this far, to explore a little deeper, if you haven't already, into the mysteries of yourself and the universe. I think you're going to like what you find, though you may be surprised  at how strange and yet simple life can be.

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who am i?

who am i?

I have spent most of this life, since the age of 15 when I first read a book my elder brother tossed at me, saying. "read this", exploring my inner world. The book was called 'Psycho-Pictography' by Vernon Howard. I sat up through the night reading it with a sense of excitement and exploration. That book spoke to me in a way nothing had before and thus began my journey of self discovery which has continued to this day. That's why I put this website together and why I am a volunteer in a meditation centre. In fact I live in a meditation centre, that's how much I enjoy this kind of journeying.

I realised, all those years ago, that my world and yours too, is a result of what I am thinking, my thoughts, my beliefs and attitudes. If I can manage my thoughts (and therefore my feelings) I can manage my world. I can create the type of experience I have on this apparently short and surprising journey called life. If I can manage my thoughts my life is in my hands. That's a powerful and desirable outcome for me. It says freedom, creativity, peace and happiness to me and that's what I want in my life. I'm certain about that.

I understand we are all different, that we seek and want different things. I also know that we have many similarities. So I've put this website together based on what I like and enjoy, what I sought and what I seek. I hope you'll explore it and some of the concepts written here and then have the inquisitiveness to come along to the Brisbane Meditation Centre in Auchenflower and find out more. The centre is a very peaceful and safe place and you'll meet very lovely people there. Om Shanti (I am a peaceful soul or spirit)

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